Matt has a plan to move our community forward.

Service to my community is something that has been instilled in me from a young age. My family is dedicated to public service and making our community a better place. My grandfather, father and uncle have dedicated their legal practice to providing East Bay residents with strong representation. They inspired me to choose a similar path. I am ready to bring this service to the State House.

  • As Senator Seveney did during his tenure, I hope to provide accessible representation, strong government oversight, and outspoken advocacy for those afflicted by mental health disorders.
  • As a prosecutor, I have handled hundreds of criminal matters and developed a unique perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of the state’s criminal justice system. I hope to build on the Justice Reinvestment initiatives enacted by the General Assembly to ensure those afflicted by mental health disorders receive the aid and treatment needed. We can and must do a better job of identifying and treating mental illness on the front end as a society.
  • As a fourth generation Portsmouth resident, I will fight to protect the environment and our shorelines to maintain the quality of life for our communities. This means investing in renewable energy and limiting our carbon footprint.
  • We must invest in public safety and ensure that police, fire, and corrections departments get the resources they need to keep our communities safe and protected.
  • We need to revisit the education funding formula to ensure that all of our schools have the resources they need to educate our children. As someone who went through the Portsmouth public school system, I know how hard our teachers and administration work to deliver a quality classroom experience. Let’s invest in them, in our children, in our future. Let’s modernize our school buildings so that we can provide the best 21st century scholastic experience possible.
  • I will work to introduce legislation to preempt any U.S. Supreme Court ruling designed to undermine the rights of protected classes. In 2019, the General Assembly codified Roe v. Wade into state law, which will be pivotal if the Supreme Court overturns the landmark ruling.
  • Women and the LGBTQ+ community are under attack across the country and in the Supreme Court. With all the advances made in Rhode Island these past several years for women and the LGBTQ+ community, we must be vigilant to make sure that we protect and defend these advancements. As a brother to three loving sisters, I will always stand with women and protect their rights, along with the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Our senior citizens need a voice to advocate for the help needed to age and live in their homes. We have made strides in Rhode Island, but there is more to be done to protect our greatest generation and show them the respect that they deserve.
  • We must provide a boost for working families and young parents. In the Senate, I’ll support expanding access to affordable child care, paid family leave, and universal Pre-K. We must do everything we can to ensure working families have the resources to work without worrying about astronomical child care costs.
  • Our children and all residents deserve to feel safe in schools and other public spaces. I’ll support and defend common sense gun safety laws that ensure sufficient background checks, waiting periods and red flag laws. We must do everything we can to keep guns out of the wrong hands and keep our community safe.